Commit 81e65dff authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Modifying Strings): Add clear-string.

(Text Comparison): Add assoc-string and remove
assoc-ignore-case, assoc-ignore-representation.
parent 76aac1c1
......@@ -377,6 +377,14 @@ Since it is impossible to change the length of an existing string, it is
an error if @var{obj} doesn't fit within @var{string}'s actual length,
or if any new character requires a different number of bytes from the
character currently present at that point in @var{string}.
@end defun
To clear out a string that contained a password, use
@defun clear-string string
This clears the contents of @var{string} to zeros
and may change its length.
@end defun
@need 2000
......@@ -518,13 +526,10 @@ two strings. The sign is negative if @var{string1} (or its specified
portion) is less.
@end defun
@defun assoc-ignore-case key alist
@defunx assoc-ignore-representation key alist
These functions work like @code{assoc}, except that @var{key} must be
a string, all elements of @var{alist} must be cons cells whose
@sc{car} is a string, and comparison is done using
@code{compare-strings}. @code{assoc-ignore-case} ignores case
differences, whereas @code{assoc-ignore-representation} does not.
@defun assoc-string key alist &optional case-fold
This function works like @code{assoc}, except that @var{key} must be a
string, and comparison is done using @code{compare-strings}. If
@var{case-fold} is non-@code{nil}, it ignores case differences.
@xref{Association Lists}.
@end defun
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