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Update description of changes to Line Wrapping on the menu bar.

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......@@ -160,27 +160,29 @@ Sinhala, and TaiViet.
unify-8859-on-decoding-mode are obsolete.
** Emacs now supports serial port access on GNU/Linux, Unix, and
Windows. `serial-term' starts an interactive terminal,
`make-serial-process' and `serial-process-configure' provide a Lisp
interface. The serial port can be configured at runtime with the
mode-line mouse menu.
Windows. The new command `serial-term' starts an interactive terminal
on a serial port. The serial port can be configured at runtime with
the mode-line mouse menu.
** Menu Bar changes
*** In the Options menu, the "Set Default Font" item applies the
selected font to the `default' face on all frames, not just the
current frame. Furthermore, if Emacs is compiled with both GTK and
Fontconfig support, the "Set Default Font" item uses the GTK font
selection dialog instead of an Emacs pop-up menu.
*** The font setting chosen by "Set Default Font" is saved if the
"Save Options" item is used.
*** The Tools menu contains a new Encryption/Decryption submenu.
This contains commands provided by EasyPG, the newly-included
interface to GnuPG (see New Modes and Packages).
*** The Options menu contains a new entry to turn on Longlines mode.
*** In the Options menu, the "Truncate Long Lines in the Buffer" entry
has been replaced with a submenu offering three different ways to
handle long lines: truncation, continuation at the window edge, and
the new word wrapping option (see Editing Changes, below).
** Mode-line changes
......@@ -225,6 +227,7 @@ following arguments.
list accessible by M-n instead of pushing all guesses temporarily into
the history list.
** The following input methods were removed in Emacs 22.2, but this was
not advertised: danish-alt-postfix, esperanto-alt-postfix,
finnish-alt-postfix, german-alt-postfix, icelandic-alt-postfix,
......@@ -1306,6 +1309,10 @@ specification.
the same matching as `looking-at' and `string-match' without changing
the match data.
*** The two new functions `make-serial-process' and
`serial-process-configure' provide a Lisp interface to the new serial
port support (see Emacs changes, above).
** Miscellaneous new variables
*** `this-command-keys-shift-translated' is non-nil if the key
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