Commit 81fe0836 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader

(displayed_window_lines): Handle non-newline-terminated final lines properly.

(Fwindow_text_height): New function (used to be in lisp).
(syms_of_window): Initialize it.
parent db7ebd73
......@@ -4473,8 +4473,13 @@ displayed_window_lines (w)
if (old_buffer)
set_buffer_internal (old_buffer);
/* Add in empty lines at the bottom of the window. */
bottom_y = it.current_y + it.max_ascent + it.max_descent;
if (bottom_y > it.current_y && bottom_y < it.last_visible_y)
/* Hit a line without a terminating newline. */
/* Add in empty lines at the bottom of the window. */
if (bottom_y < height)
struct frame *f = XFRAME (w->frame);
......@@ -4487,6 +4492,21 @@ displayed_window_lines (w)
DEFUN ("window-text-height", Fwindow_text_height, Swindow_text_height,
0, 1, 0,
"Return the height in lines of the text display area of WINDOW.\n\
This doesn't include the mode-line (or header-line if any) or any\n\
partial-height lines in the text display area.")
Lisp_Object window;
struct window *w = decode_window (window);
int pixel_height = window_box_height (w);
int line_height = pixel_height / CANON_Y_UNIT (XFRAME (w->frame));
return make_number (line_height);
DEFUN ("move-to-window-line", Fmove_to_window_line, Smove_to_window_line,
1, 1, "P",
......@@ -5739,6 +5759,7 @@ The selected frame is the one whose configuration has changed.");
defsubr (&Sother_window_for_scrolling);
defsubr (&Sscroll_other_window);
defsubr (&Srecenter);
defsubr (&Swindow_text_height);
defsubr (&Smove_to_window_line);
defsubr (&Swindow_configuration_p);
defsubr (&Swindow_configuration_frame);
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