Commit 820c1f50 authored by Agustín Martín's avatar Agustín Martín
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ispell.el: Make `ispell-dictionary' customizable (#2555)

parent 40aa3f13
2009-06-09 Agustín Martín <>
* ispell.el: Make `ispell-dictionary' customizable (#2555)
2009-06-08 Michael Albinus <>
* ediff-util.el (ediff-compute-custom-diffs-maybe): Handle remote
......@@ -501,6 +501,12 @@ is automatically set when defined in the file with either
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ispell-local-dictionary)
(defcustom ispell-dictionary nil
"Default dictionary to use if `ispell-local-dictionary' is nil."
:type '(choice string
(const :tag "default" nil))
:group 'ispell)
(defcustom ispell-extra-args nil
"*If non-nil, a list of extra switches to pass to the Ispell program.
For example, (\"-W\" \"3\") to cause it to accept all 1-3 character
......@@ -1251,9 +1257,6 @@ used as key in `ispell-local-dictionary-alist' and `ispell-dictionary-alist'.")
"The name of the current personal dictionary, or nil for the default.
This is passed to the ispell process using the `-p' switch.")
(defvar ispell-dictionary nil
"Default dictionary to use if `ispell-local-dictionary' is nil.")
(defun ispell-decode-string (str)
"Decodes multibyte character strings.
Protects against bogus binding of `enable-multibyte-characters' in XEmacs."
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