Commit 82323253 authored by Jimmy Aguilar Mena's avatar Jimmy Aguilar Mena Committed by Martin Rudalics

Handle case where a face's :extend attribute is unspecified (Bug#37774)

* src/xfaces.c (merge_face_vectors, merge_named_face): Handle case
where the :extend attribute's value is 'unspecified' (Bug#37774).
parent a070bd1c
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......@@ -2062,8 +2062,13 @@ merge_face_vectors (struct window *w, struct frame *f,
eassert (attr_filter < LFACE_VECTOR_SIZE);
/* When FROM sets attr_filter to nil explicitly we don't merge it. */
if (attr_filter > 0 && NILP(from[attr_filter]))
/* When FROM sets attr_filter explicitly to nil or unspecified
without inheriting don't merge it. */
if (attr_filter > 0
&& (NILP(from[attr_filter])
|| (UNSPECIFIEDP(from[attr_filter])
/* If FROM inherits from some other faces, merge their attributes into
......@@ -2082,7 +2087,7 @@ merge_face_vectors (struct window *w, struct frame *f,
else if (UNSPECIFIEDP (from[attr_filter])) /* FROM don't specify filter */
Lisp_Object tmp[LFACE_VECTOR_SIZE];
memcpy (tmp, to, LFACE_VECTOR_SIZE * sizeof *tmp);
memcpy (tmp, to, LFACE_VECTOR_SIZE * sizeof(*tmp));
merge_face_ref (w, f, from[LFACE_INHERIT_INDEX],
tmp, false, named_merge_points, attr_filter);
......@@ -2177,7 +2182,8 @@ merge_named_face (struct window *w,
&& !UNSPECIFIEDP(from[attr_filter]))
|| (!NILP(from[attr_filter]) /* Filter, unspecified, but inherited. */
&& UNSPECIFIEDP(from[attr_filter])
merge_face_vectors (w, f, from, to, named_merge_points, attr_filter);
return ok;
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