Commit 82483201 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(gnus-update-read-articles): Remove duplicated article numbers on group exit.

parent cc39bc38
......@@ -12713,6 +12713,12 @@ Returns whether the updating was successful."
(while (and dormant (< (car dormant) (car active)))
(setq dormant (cdr dormant)))
(setq unread (sort (append unselected unread) '<))
;; Weed out duplicates.
(let ((un unread))
(while (cdr un)
(if (eq (car un) (car (cdr un)))
(setcdr un (cdr (cdr un)))
(setq un (cdr un)))))
;; Compute the ranges of read articles by looking at the list of
;; unread articles.
(while unread
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