Commit 825de9a1 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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* xdisp.c (fill_stretch_glyph_string): Set s->nchars = 1 for code which

does last_glyph=s->first_glyph+s->nchars-1, e.g. if stretch has relief.
parent 1ada896b
......@@ -18732,6 +18732,7 @@ fill_stretch_glyph_string (s, row, area, start, end)
s->font = s->face->font;
s->font_info = FONT_INFO_FROM_ID (s->f, s->face->font_info_id);
s->width = glyph->pixel_width;
s->nchars = 1;
voffset = glyph->voffset;
for (++glyph;
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