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Mention that zone-mode.el is now obsolete.

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2006-08-10 Romain Francoise <>
* NEWS: Mention that zone-mode.el is now obsolete.
2006-08-09 Richard Stallman <>
* TUTORIAL: Don't say which side scroll bar is on.
......@@ -1771,9 +1771,8 @@ type "C-h i m org RET" to read that manual. A reference card is
available in `etc/orgcard.tex' and `etc/'.
** The new package dns-mode.el add syntax highlight of DNS master files.
The key binding C-c C-s (`dns-mode-soa-increment-serial') can be used
to increment the SOA serial.
** The new package dns-mode.el adds syntax highlighting of DNS master files.
It is a modern replacement for zone-mode.el, which is now obsolete.
** The new global minor mode `file-name-shadow-mode' modifies the way
......@@ -3512,6 +3511,9 @@ variable `calculator-radix-grouping-mode'.
** iso-acc.el is now obsolete. Use one of the latin input methods instead.
** zone-mode.el is now obsolete. Use dns-mode.el instead.
** cplus-md.el has been deleted.
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