Commit 82a3da21 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie
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Make electric-pair-mode, delete-selection-mode and CC Mode cooperate.

Fixes debbugs#21275.

In Emacs >= 25, let electric-pair-mode take precedence over
delsel.el (delete-selection-uses-region-p): New function, previously a
lambda expression in a property value for `self-insert-command'.
(top-level) Set the `delete-selection' property of `self-insert-command'
to `delete-selection-uses-region-p'.

progmodes/cc-cmds.el (top-level): Give the `delete-selection' property
for c-electric-\(brace\|paren\) the value `delete-selection-uses-region-p'
when the latter function exists.
parent ec07cfbe
......@@ -231,10 +231,17 @@ See `delete-selection-helper'."
(delete-selection-helper (and (symbolp this-command)
(get this-command 'delete-selection)))))
(put 'self-insert-command 'delete-selection
(lambda ()
(not (run-hook-with-args-until-success
(defun delete-selection-uses-region-p ()
"Return t when the current command will be using the region
rather than having `delete-selection' delete it, nil otherwise.
This function is intended for use as the value of the
`delete-selection' property of a command, and shouldn't be used
for anything else."
(not (run-hook-with-args-until-success
(put 'self-insert-command 'delete-selection 'delete-selection-uses-region-p)
(put 'insert-char 'delete-selection t)
(put 'quoted-insert 'delete-selection t)
......@@ -2853,19 +2853,28 @@ sentence motion in or near comments and multiline strings."
;; set up electric character functions to work with pending-del,
;; (a.k.a. delsel) mode. All symbols get the t value except
;; the functions which delete, which gets 'supersede.
;; the functions which delete, which gets 'supersede, and (from Emacs
;; 25) `c-electric-brace' and `c-electric-paren' get special handling
;; so as to work gracefully with `electric-pair-mode'.
(lambda (sym)
(put sym 'delete-selection t) ; for delsel (Emacs)
(put sym 'pending-delete t))) ; for pending-del (XEmacs)
(lambda (sym)
(put sym 'delete-selection (if (fboundp 'delete-selection-uses-region-p)
(put sym 'pending-delete t)))
(put 'c-electric-delete 'delete-selection 'supersede) ; delsel
(put 'c-electric-delete 'pending-delete 'supersede) ; pending-del
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