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(Emacs Server): Document server-name.

(Invoking emacsclient): Document -s option for server names.
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......@@ -1247,6 +1247,14 @@ kills it if the file name matches the regular expression
If you set the variable @code{server-window} to a window or a frame,
@kbd{C-x #} displays the server buffer in that window or in that frame.
@vindex server-name
You can run multiple Emacs servers on the same machine by giving
each one a unique ``server name'', using the variable
@code{server-name}. For example, @kbd{M-x set-variable RET
server-name RET foo} sets the server name to @samp{foo}. The
@code{emacsclient} program can visit a server by name using the
@samp{-s} option.
While @code{mail} or another application is waiting for
@code{emacsclient} to finish, @code{emacsclient} does not read terminal
input. So the terminal that @code{mail} was using is effectively
......@@ -1329,6 +1337,9 @@ open the given files with the option @samp{--display=@var{DISPLAY}}.
This can be used typically when connecting from home to an Emacs
server running on your machine at your workplace.
If there is more than one Emacs server running, you can specify a
server name with the option @samp{-s @var{name}}.
You can also use @code{emacsclient} to execute any piece of Emacs Lisp
code, using the option @samp{--eval}. When this option is given, the
rest of the arguments is not taken as a list of files to visit but as
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