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Update message-dont-reply-to-names section.

Mention the wonderful spam filter.
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......@@ -37,17 +37,21 @@ Do NOT send a separate copy to the bug list, since this may generate a
new report. The only time to send mail to the bug list is to create a
new report.
Gnus users can add "\\(\\(emacs-pretest-bug\\|bug-gnu-emacs\\)@gnu\\.org\\|\
to message-dont-reply-to-names.
Similarly, RMAIL users can use rmail-dont-reply-to-names. They might
also need to ignore "" since it
appears in the "Resent-To" header of reports, and for a long time
RMAIL erroneously included this address in replies. Likewise for
"", which can appear in the
"Resent-CC:" header (but it is possible, outside of normal bug
reporting, that you might want to have a dialog with this address).
Gnus users can add the following to message-dont-reply-to-names;
similarly with Rmail and rmail-dont-reply-to-names:
The "" and
"" entries are there because they can
appear in the "Resent-To" and "Resent-CC" headers, respectively. For a
long time Rmail erroneously included these headers in replies. If you
correspond with an Rmail user on a bug, these addresses may end up in
the Cc. Mailing to them does nothing but create duplicates and errors.
(It is possible you might want to have a dialog with the owner
address, outside of normal bug reporting.)
** When reporting a bug, to send a Cc to another address
(e.g., do NOT just use a Cc: header.
......@@ -228,3 +232,9 @@ The above page is accessible from the "Options" section at the end of
the "main list of bugs" page. Select bugs "in package" = emacs;
"newest bugs" = 100. (I have no idea how you get to that Options
section without having to go through the bug list page first...)
** Mails to the bug tracker disappear
Apparently it has some kind of spam filter that sometimes silently
discards valid mails. Adding a subject (pointless in control messages)
may help.
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