Commit 82cf20e4 authored by Ted Zlatanov's avatar Ted Zlatanov
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Fix bug#16161: CHECK_LIST_CONS fails on nil

* src/gnutls.c (Fgnutls_boot): Use `Flistp' instead of
parent d144ef06
2013-12-16 Teodor Zlatanov <>
* gnutls.c (Fgnutls_boot): Use `Flistp' instead of
2013-12-16 Martin Rudalics <>
* w32term.c (w32_enable_frame_resize_hack): Default to 1.
......@@ -825,7 +825,8 @@ one trustfile (usually a CA bundle). */)
verify_error = Fplist_get (proplist, QCgnutls_bootprop_verify_error);
prime_bits = Fplist_get (proplist, QCgnutls_bootprop_min_prime_bits);
CHECK_LIST_CONS (verify_error, verify_error);
if (!Flistp (verify_error))
error ("gnutls-boot: invalid :verify_error parameter (not a list)");
if (!STRINGP (hostname))
error ("gnutls-boot: invalid :hostname parameter (not a string)");
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