Commit 82e7c0a9 authored by Andrew Innes's avatar Andrew Innes
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(Vw32_start_process_inherit_error_mode): New variable.

(create_child): Use it.
(syms_of_ntproc): Defvar it.  Also fix docstrings for
w32-start-process-share-console and w32-start-process-show-window.
parent 467af476
......@@ -63,6 +63,11 @@ Lisp_Object Vw32_start_process_show_window;
consoles also allows Emacs to cleanly terminate process groups. */
Lisp_Object Vw32_start_process_share_console;
/* Control whether create_child cause the process to inherit Emacs'
error mode setting. The default is t, to minimize the possibility of
subprocesses blocking when accessing unmounted drives. */
Lisp_Object Vw32_start_process_inherit_error_mode;
/* Time to sleep before reading from a subprocess output pipe - this
avoids the inefficiency of frequently reading small amounts of data.
This is primarily necessary for handling DOS processes on Windows 95,
......@@ -304,6 +309,7 @@ create_child (char *exe, char *cmdline, char *env,
DWORD flags;
char dir[ MAXPATHLEN ];
if (cp == NULL) abort ();
......@@ -334,13 +340,14 @@ create_child (char *exe, char *cmdline, char *env,
strcpy (dir, process_dir);
unixtodos_filename (dir);
flags = (!NILP (Vw32_start_process_share_console)
if (NILP (Vw32_start_process_inherit_error_mode))
if (!CreateProcess (exe, cmdline, &sec_attrs, NULL, TRUE,
(!NILP (Vw32_start_process_share_console)
env, dir,
&start, &cp->procinfo))
flags, env, dir, &start, &cp->procinfo))
goto EH_Fail;
cp->pid = (int) cp->procinfo.dwProcessId;
......@@ -2069,13 +2076,13 @@ will be chosen based on the type of the program.");
DEFVAR_LISP ("w32-start-process-show-window",
"When nil, processes started via start-process hide their windows.\n\
"When nil, new child processes hide their windows.\n\
When non-nil, they show their window in the method of their choice.");
Vw32_start_process_show_window = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("w32-start-process-share-console",
"When nil, processes started via start-process are given a new console.\n\
"When nil, new child processes are given a new console.\n\
When non-nil, they share the Emacs console; this has the limitation of\n\
allowing only only DOS subprocess to run at a time (whether started directly\n\
or indirectly by Emacs), and preventing Emacs from cleanly terminating the\n\
......@@ -2083,6 +2090,13 @@ subprocess group, but may allow Emacs to interrupt a subprocess that doesn't\n\
otherwise respond to interrupts from Emacs.");
Vw32_start_process_share_console = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("w32-start-process-inherit-error-mode",
"When nil, new child processes revert to the default error mode.\n\
When non-nil, they inherit their error mode setting from Emacs, which stops\n\
them blocking when trying to access unmounted drives etc.");
Vw32_start_process_inherit_error_mode = Qt;
DEFVAR_INT ("w32-pipe-read-delay", &Vw32_pipe_read_delay,
"Forced delay before reading subprocess output.\n\
This is done to improve the buffering of subprocess output, by\n\
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