Commit 82f75cca authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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(tags-table-including): Don't gratuitously cons (what was I thinking?).

Properly skip t elements of tags-table-computed-list.
parent 6cb9cafb
......@@ -365,20 +365,25 @@ Returns non-nil iff it is a valid table."
(setq tables (cdr tables)))
(if found
;; Now determine if the table we found was one included by another
;; table, not explicitly listed.
;; table, not explicitly listed. We do this by checking each
;; element of the computed list to see if it appears in the user's
;; explicit list; the last element we will check is FOUND itself.
;; Then we return the last one which did in fact appear in
;; tags-table-list.
(let ((could-be nil)
(elt tags-table-computed-list))
(while (not (eq elt (cdr found)))
(if (tags-table-list-member (car elt) tags-table-list)
;; This table appears in the user's list, so it could be
;; the one which includes the table we found.
(setq could-be (cons (car elt) could-be)))
(setq elt (cdr elt)))
(setq could-be (car elt)))
(setq elt (cdr elt))
(if (eq t (car elt))
(setq elt (cdr elt))))
;; The last element we found in the computed list before FOUND
;; that appears in the user's list will be the table that
;; included the one we found. This will be the head of the
;; COULD-BE list.
(car could-be)))))
;; included the one we found.
;; Subroutine of visit-tags-table-buffer. Move tags-table-list-pointer
;; along and set tags-file-name. Returns nil when out of tables.
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