Commit 83227840 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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Make FONTNAME arg to set-fontset-font a cons.

parent 178c5d9c
......@@ -851,10 +851,10 @@ will have like Terminal and Courier. These fonts are used in the font
menu if the variable `w32-use-w32-font-dialog' is nil.")
;;; Enable Japanese fonts on Windows to be used by default.
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'katakana-jisx0201) "JISX0208-SJIS")
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'latin-jisx0201) "JISX0208-SJIS")
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'japanese-jisx0208) "JISX0208-SJIS")
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'japanese-jisx0208-1978) "JISX0208-SJIS")
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'katakana-jisx0201) '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'latin-jisx0201) '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'japanese-jisx0208) '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))
(set-fontset-font t (make-char 'japanese-jisx0208-1978) '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))
(defun mouse-set-font (&rest fonts)
"Select a font.
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