Commit 832a0726 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* dispnew.c (remake_frame_glyphs): When re-allocating the frame's

	message buffer when echo_area_glyphs is pointing at it, relocate
	echo_area_glyphs too.  Same for previous_echo_glyphs.
	* window.h (previous_echo_glyphs): Add extern declaration for this.
parent 7c140252
......@@ -317,9 +317,20 @@ remake_frame_glyphs (frame)
free_frame_glyphs (frame, FRAME_TEMP_GLYPHS (frame));
if (FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF (frame))
= (char *) xrealloc (FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF (frame),
FRAME_WIDTH (frame) + 1);
/* Reallocate the frame's message buffer; remember that
echo_area_glyphs may be pointing here. */
char *old_message_buf = FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF (frame);
= (char *) xrealloc (FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF (frame),
FRAME_WIDTH (frame) + 1);
if (echo_area_glyphs == old_message_buf)
echo_area_glyphs = FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF (frame);
if (previous_echo_glyphs == old_message_buf)
previous_echo_glyphs = FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF (frame);
= (char *) xmalloc (FRAME_WIDTH (frame) + 1);
......@@ -225,6 +225,12 @@ extern int minibuf_prompt_width;
minibuf_prompt as well as the buffer. */
extern char *echo_area_glyphs;
/* Value of echo_area_glyphs when it was last acted on.
If this is nonzero, there is a message on the frame
in the minibuffer and it should be erased as soon
as it is no longer requested to appear. */
extern char *previous_echo_glyphs;
/* Depth in recursive edits. */
extern int command_loop_level;
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