Commit 83317c07 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(vt100-wide-mode): Add missing arg in set-frame-width.

parent 14e6867c
......@@ -90,12 +90,14 @@
"t if vt100 is in 132-column mode.")
(defun vt100-wide-mode (&optional arg)
"Toggle 132/80 column mode for vt100s."
"Toggle 132/80 column mode for vt100s.
With positive argument, switch to 132-column mode.
With negative argument, switch to 80-column mode."
(interactive "P")
(setq vt100-wide-mode
(if (null arg) (not vt100-wide-mode)
(> (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0)))
(send-string-to-terminal (if vt100-wide-mode "\e[?3h" "\e[?3l"))
(set-frame-width (if vt100-wide-mode 132 80)))
(set-frame-width terminal-frame (if vt100-wide-mode 132 80)))
;;; vt100.el ends here
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