Commit 83346ee8 authored by Peter Breton's avatar Peter Breton
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(locate-in-alternate-database): Added this function

(locate): Added locate-post-command-hook.
(locate-prompt-for-command): Added this variable.
(locate): If locate-prompt-for-command is set, prompt for a command
  to run to populate the locate buffer as the default behavior.
(locate-update): Add prefix arg to locate call.
(locate-with-filter): Add prefix arg to locate call.
(locate): Add prefix arg. If set, the function prompts the user
(locate-mouse-face): No longer needed.
(locate-mode): Setup `dired-subdir-alist' cleanly using `dired-alist-add-1'.
(locate-set-properties): Set properties cleanly using
`dired-insert-set-properties', giving dired like output.
  for a command to run instead of the default one.
(locate-grep-history-list): Added this variable.
(locate-with-filter): Use locate-grep-history-list instead of grep-history.
(locate-filter-output): filter is not regexp-quoted.
(locate-mode-map): Added keybinding for locate-find-directory.
  Changed keybinding for "U" from dired-unmark-all-files-no-query
  to dired-unmark-all-files.
(locate-find-directory): Added this function.
(locate-find-directory-other-window): Added this function.
(locate-get-dirname): Added this function.
(locate-mouse-view-file): Renamed mouse-locate-view-file to this name.
parent d9823c3c
......@@ -24,11 +24,11 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; Search a database of files and use dired commands on
;; the result.
;; the result.
;;;;; Building a database of files ;;;;;;;;;
;; You can create a simple files database with a port of the Unix find command
;; and one of the various Windows NT various scheduling utilities,
;; for example the AT command from the NT Resource Kit, WinCron which is
......@@ -36,18 +36,18 @@
;; To set up a function which searches the files database, do something
;; like this:
;; (defvar locate-fcodes-file "c:/users/peter/fcodes")
;; (defvar locate-make-command-line 'nt-locate-make-command-line)
;; (defun nt-locate-make-command-line (arg)
;; (list "grep" "-i" arg locate-fcodes-file))
;;;;;;;; ADVICE For dired-make-relative: ;;;;;;;;;
;; For certain dired commands to work right, you should also include the
;; following in your _emacs/.emacs:
;; (defadvice dired-make-relative (before set-no-error activate)
;; "For locate mode and Windows, don't return errors"
;; (if (and (eq major-mode 'locate-mode)
......@@ -66,18 +66,18 @@
;; user specified command.
;; To use the BSD-style "fast find", or any other shell command of the
;; form
;; form
;; SHELLPROGRAM Name-to-find
;; set the variable `locate-command' in your .emacs file.
;; To use a more complicated expression, create a function which
;; To use a more complicated expression, create a function which
;; takes a string (the name to find) as input and returns a list.
;; The first element should be the command to be executed, the remaining
;; elements should be the arguments (including the name to find). Then put
;; (setq locate-make-command-line 'my-locate-command-line)
;; (setq locate-make-command-line 'my-locate-command-line)
;; in your .emacs, using the name of your function in place of
;; my-locate-command-line.
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@
;; Locate-mode assumes that each line output from the locate-command
;; consists exactly of a file name, possibly preceded or trailed by
;; whitespace. If your file database has other information on the line (for
;; example, the file size), you will need to redefine the function
;; example, the file size), you will need to redefine the function
;; `locate-get-file-positions' to return a list consisting of the first
;; character in the file name and the last character in the file name.
......@@ -130,6 +130,9 @@
(defvar locate-history-list nil
"The history list used by the \\[locate] command.")
(defvar locate-grep-history-list nil
"The history list used by the \\[locate-with-filter] command.")
(defcustom locate-make-command-line 'locate-default-make-command-line
"*Function used to create the locate command line."
:type 'function
......@@ -145,12 +148,7 @@
:type '(choice file (const nil))
:group 'locate)
(defcustom locate-mouse-face 'highlight
"*Face used to highlight locate entries."
:type 'face
:group 'locate)
(defcustom locate-header-face 'underline
(defcustom locate-header-face nil
"*Face used to highlight the locate header."
:type 'face
:group 'locate)
......@@ -160,31 +158,52 @@
:type 'string
:group 'locate)
(defcustom locate-prompt-for-command nil
"If non-nil, the default behavior of the locate command is to prompt for a command to run.
Otherwise, that behavior is invoked via a prefix argument."
:group 'locate
:type 'boolean
;; Functions
(defun locate-default-make-command-line (search-string)
(list locate-command search-string))
(defun locate (search-string &optional filter)
"Run the program `locate', putting results in `*Locate*' buffer."
(defun locate (arg search-string &optional filter)
"Run the program `locate', putting results in `*Locate*' buffer.
With prefix arg, prompt for the locate command to run."
(list (read-from-minibuffer "Locate: " nil nil
nil 'locate-history-list)))
(if (or (and current-prefix-arg (not locate-prompt-for-command))
(and (not current-prefix-arg) locate-prompt-for-command))
(read-from-minibuffer "Run locate command: "
nil nil nil 'locate-history-list)
(read-from-minibuffer "Locate: " nil nil
nil 'locate-history-list)
(let* ((locate-cmd-list (funcall locate-make-command-line search-string))
(locate-cmd (car locate-cmd-list))
(locate-cmd-args (cdr locate-cmd-list))
(or (and arg (not locate-prompt-for-command))
(and (not arg) locate-prompt-for-command)))
;; Find the Locate buffer
(set-buffer (get-buffer-create locate-buffer-name))
(setq locate-current-filter filter)
(apply 'call-process locate-cmd nil t nil locate-cmd-args)
(if run-locate-command
(shell-command search-string locate-buffer-name)
(apply 'call-process locate-cmd nil t nil locate-cmd-args))
(and filter
(locate-filter-output filter))
......@@ -192,6 +211,8 @@
(and (not (string-equal (buffer-name) locate-buffer-name))
(switch-to-buffer-other-window locate-buffer-name))
(run-hooks 'locate-post-command-hook)
......@@ -202,13 +223,13 @@
(list (read-from-minibuffer "Locate: " nil nil
nil 'locate-history-list)
(read-from-minibuffer "Filter: " nil nil
nil 'grep-history)))
(locate search-string filter))
nil 'locate-grep-history-list)))
(locate nil search-string filter))
(defun locate-filter-output (filter)
"Filter output from the locate command."
(goto-char (point-min))
(delete-non-matching-lines (regexp-quote filter)))
(delete-non-matching-lines filter))
(defvar locate-mode-map nil
"Local keymap for Locate mode buffers.")
......@@ -228,10 +249,11 @@
(define-key locate-mode-map [menu-bar mark directories] 'undefined)
(define-key locate-mode-map [menu-bar mark symlinks] 'undefined)
(define-key locate-mode-map [mouse-2] 'mouse-locate-view-file)
(define-key locate-mode-map "\C-ct" 'locate-tags)
(define-key locate-mode-map [mouse-2] 'locate-mouse-view-file)
(define-key locate-mode-map "\C-c\C-t" 'locate-tags)
(define-key locate-mode-map "U" 'dired-unmark-all-files-no-query)
(define-key locate-mode-map "U" 'dired-unmark-all-files)
(define-key locate-mode-map "V" 'locate-find-directory)
;; This variable is used to indent the lines and then to search for
......@@ -244,7 +266,7 @@
(let ((eol (point)))
;; Assumes names end at the end of the line
(forward-char locate-filename-indentation)
(list (point) eol))))
......@@ -260,13 +282,13 @@
(defun locate-get-filename ()
(let ((pos (locate-get-file-positions))
(lineno (locate-current-line-number)))
(and (not (eq lineno 1))
(not (eq lineno 2))
(and (not (eq lineno 1))
(not (eq lineno 2))
(buffer-substring (elt pos 0) (elt pos 1)))))
(defun mouse-locate-view-file (event)
(defun locate-mouse-view-file (event)
"In Locate mode, view a file, using the mouse."
(interactive "@e")
(interactive "@e")
(goto-char (posn-point (event-start event)))
(view-file (locate-get-filename))))
......@@ -277,27 +299,35 @@
(defun locate-mode ()
"Major mode for the `*Locate*' buffer made by \\[locate]."
;; Avoid clobbering this variables
(make-local-variable 'dired-subdir-alist)
(use-local-map locate-mode-map)
(setq major-mode 'locate-mode
mode-name "Locate"
default-directory "/"
dired-subdir-alist (list (cons "/" (point-min-marker))))
default-directory "/")
(dired-alist-add-1 default-directory (point-min-marker))
(make-local-variable 'dired-move-to-filename-regexp)
;; This should support both Unix and Windoze style names
(setq dired-move-to-filename-regexp
(make-string locate-filename-indentation ?\ ))
(concat "."
(make-string (1- locate-filename-indentation) ?\ )
(make-local-variable 'dired-actual-switches)
(setq dired-actual-switches "")
(make-local-variable 'dired-permission-flags-regexp)
(setq dired-permission-flags-regexp "^\\( \\)")
(setq dired-permission-flags-regexp
(concat "^.\\("
(make-string (1- locate-filename-indentation) ?\ )
(make-local-variable 'revert-buffer-function)
(setq revert-buffer-function 'locate-update)
(setq revert-buffer-function 'locate-update)
(run-hooks 'locate-mode-hook))
(defun locate-do-setup ()
(let ((search-string (car locate-history-list)))
(goto-char (point-min))
;; Nothing returned from locate command?
(and (eobp)
......@@ -306,9 +336,9 @@
(error "Locate: no match for %s in database using filter %s"
search-string locate-current-filter)
(error "Locate: no match for %s in database" search-string))))
(locate-insert-header search-string)
(while (not (eobp))
(insert-char ?\ locate-filename-indentation t)
......@@ -317,8 +347,7 @@
(defun locate-set-properties ()
(let ((pos (locate-get-file-positions)))
(add-text-properties (elt pos 0) (elt pos 1)
(list 'mouse-face locate-mouse-face)))))
(dired-insert-set-properties (elt pos 0) (elt pos 1)))))
(defun locate-insert-header (search-string)
(let ((locate-format-string "Matches for %s")
......@@ -326,7 +355,7 @@
(concat " *Matches for \\(" (regexp-quote search-string) "\\)"))
(locate-format-args (list search-string))
(and locate-fcodes-file
(setq locate-format-string
(concat locate-format-string " in %s")
......@@ -349,14 +378,14 @@
(append (list locate-current-filter) locate-format-args)))
(setq locate-format-string
(concat locate-format-string ": \n\n")
(concat locate-regexp-match ": \n"))
(insert (apply 'format locate-format-string (reverse locate-format-args)))
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (not (looking-at locate-regexp-match))
......@@ -375,7 +404,7 @@
"Visit a tags table in `*Locate*' mode."
(let ((tags-table (locate-get-filename)))
(and (y-or-n-p (format "Visit tags table %s? " tags-table))
(and (y-or-n-p (format "Visit tags table %s? " tags-table))
(visit-tags-table tags-table))))
;; From Stephen Eglen <>
......@@ -385,7 +414,73 @@ Database is updated using the shell command in `locate-update-command'."
(let ((str (car locate-history-list)))
(cond ((yes-or-no-p "Update locate database (may take a few seconds)? ")
(shell-command locate-update-command)
(locate str)))))
(locate nil str)))))
;;; Modified three functions from `dired.el':
;;; dired-find-directory,
;;; dired-find-directory-other-window
;;; dired-get-filename
(defun locate-find-directory ()
"Visit the directory of the file mentioned on this line."
(let ((directory-name (locate-get-dirname)))
(if (file-directory-p directory-name)
(find-file directory-name)
(if (file-symlink-p directory-name)
(error "Directory is a symlink to a nonexistent target")
(error "Directory no longer exists; run `updatedb' to update database")))))
(defun locate-find-directory-other-window ()
"Visit the directory of the file named on this line in other window."
(find-file-other-window (locate-get-dirname)))
(defun locate-get-dirname ()
"Return the directory name of the file mentioned on this line."
(let (file (filepos (locate-get-file-positions)))
(if (setq file (buffer-substring (nth 0 filepos) (nth 1 filepos)))
;; Get rid of the mouse-face property that file names have.
(set-text-properties 0 (length file) nil file)
(setq file (file-name-directory file))
;; Unquote names quoted by ls or by dired-insert-directory.
;; Using read to unquote is much faster than substituting
;; \007 (4 chars) -> ^G (1 char) etc. in a lisp loop.
(setq file
(concat "\""
;; some ls -b don't escape quotes, argh!
;; This is not needed for GNU ls, though.
(or (dired-string-replace-match
"\\([^\\]\\|\\`\\)\"" file "\\1\\\\\"" nil t)
(and file buffer-file-coding-system
(not file-name-coding-system)
(setq file (encode-coding-string file buffer-file-coding-system)))
;; Only for GNU locate
(defun locate-in-alternate-database (search-string database)
"Run the GNU locate command, using an alternate database."
;; (require 'locate)
(read-from-minibuffer "Locate: " nil nil
nil 'locate-history-list))
(read-file-name "Locate using Database: " )
(or (file-exists-p database)
(error "Database file %s does not exist" database))
(let ((locate-make-command-line
(function (lambda (string)
(cons locate-command
(list (concat "--database="
(expand-file-name database))
(locate nil search-string)))
(provide 'locate)
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