Commit 833d591d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(create_process): Add cast when calling encode_coding

and another when storing buf into new_argv.
parent 643c73b9
......@@ -1468,11 +1468,11 @@ create_process (process, new_argv, current_dir)
int size = encoding_buffer_size (coding, len);
unsigned char *buf = (unsigned char *) alloca (size);
encode_coding (coding, new_argv[i], buf, len, size);
encode_coding (coding, (unsigned char *)new_argv[i], buf, len, size);
buf[coding->produced] = 0;
/* We don't have to free new_argv[i] because it points to a
Lisp string given as an argument to `start-process'. */
new_argv[i++] = buf;
new_argv[i++] = (char *) buf;
coding->mode &= ~CODING_MODE_LAST_BLOCK;
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