Commit 834ea628 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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+ Disqualification of aberrent topics in allout.el

parent d8350998
......@@ -2051,6 +2051,21 @@ asterisk - for instance, the comment close of some languages (eg, c's "*/"
or mathematica's "*)") - at the beginning of line are no longer are
interpreted as level 1 topics in those modes. (Yay!)
*** Many or most commonly occuring "accidental" topics are disqualified.
Text that looks like low-depth topics is no longer mistaken for them unless
the depth of the first subsequent topic-seeming text greater depth is only
one level deeper.
For example, pasting some text with a bunch of leading asterisks into a
topic that's followed by a level 3 or deeper topic will not cause the
pasted text to be mistaken for outline structure. Likewise for any text
added that looks like any level 2 or 3 topics.
This settles an old issue where typed or pasted text needed to be carefully
reviewed, and sometimes doctored, to avoid accidentally disrupting the
outline structure. Now that should be generally unnecessary, as the most
prone-to-occur accidents are disqualified.
*** Many substantial fixes and refinements, including:
- repaired regexp-quoting of custom header prefixes, so any literals
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