Commit 83c77d31 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* dired.c (Ffile_attributes): Don't use 32-bit hack on 64-bit hosts.

parent ee2079f1
2011-06-13 Paul Eggert <>
* dired.c (Ffile_attributes): Don't use 32-bit hack on 64-bit hosts.
* unexelf.c (unexec): Don't assume BSS addr fits in unsigned.
* xterm.c (handle_one_xevent): Omit unnecessary casts to unsigned.
......@@ -978,11 +978,14 @@ so last access time will always be midnight of that day. */)
values[4] = make_time (s.st_atime);
values[5] = make_time (s.st_mtime);
values[6] = make_time (s.st_ctime);
values[7] = make_fixnum_or_float (s.st_size);
/* If the size is negative, and its type is long, convert it back to
positive. */
if (s.st_size < 0 && sizeof (s.st_size) == sizeof (long))
values[7] = make_float ((double) ((unsigned long) s.st_size));
/* If the file size is a 4-byte type, assume that files of sizes in
the 2-4 GiB range wrap around to negative values, as this is a
common bug on older 32-bit platforms. */
if (sizeof (s.st_size) == 4)
values[7] = make_fixnum_or_float (s.st_size & 0xffffffffu);
values[7] = make_fixnum_or_float (s.st_size);
filemodestring (&s, modes);
values[8] = make_string (modes, 10);
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