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2002-09-05 Dave Love <>
* (AH_BOTTOM): Add Local Variables comment.
2002-07-31 Dave Love <>
* (leim): Don't put PARALLEL in environment.
......@@ -6,9 +10,10 @@
* Require autoconf 2.53. Merge changes from trunk.
Test for sys/mman.h, sys/param.h
Test for pty.h, sys/mman.h, sys/param.h
(AC_PROG_YACC): Deleted.
(AH_BOTTOM): Maybe include strings.h.
2002-06-11 Dave Love <>
2002-09-05 Dave Love <>
* qp.el (quoted-printable-decode-region): Use mm-insert-byte.
* mm-util.el (mm-hack-charsets, mm-iso-8859-15-compatible)
(mm-iso-8859-x-to-15-table): Deleted.
(mm-iso-8859-x-to-15-table, mm-iso-8859-x-to-15-region): Deleted.
(mm-find-mime-charset-region): Remove hack-charsets stuff.
(mm-insert-byte): New.
* rfc2047.el (message-posting-charset): defvar when compiling.
(rfc2047-header-encoding-alist): Add `address-mime' part.
2002-09-05 Dave Love <>
* Removed (now auto-generated).
* s/usg5-4.h: Fix last change.
* unexelf.c (unexec): Make .got handling not SGI-specific.
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