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Fix Mark Hershberg's entries for xml.el.

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......@@ -594,10 +594,18 @@
2003-11-01 Mark A. Hershberger <>
* xml.el: Allow comments following the top-level element.
Separate out namespace parsing into special functions.
Change namespace parsing to return ('ns-uri . "local-name")
instead of '{ns-uri}local-name.
* xml.el (xml-parse-region): Allow comments to appear after the
topmost element has closed.
(xml-ns-parse-ns-attrs, xml-ns-expand-el)
(xml-ns-expand-attr): New functions to do namespace handling.
(xml-intern-attrlist): Back-compatible handling of attribute
(xml-parse-tag): Move namespace handling to seperate functions.
Now produces elements in the form ((:ns . "element") (attr-list)
children) instead of ('ns:element (attr-list) children).
(xml-parse-attlist): Fix attribute parsing.
(xml-parse-dtd): Change parsing so that it produces strings
instead of interned symbols.
2003-11-01 <> (tiny change)
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