Commit 8425a49a authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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(compilation-parse-errors): Fix references for column number, 3 elt not

parent dd6e8a8d
......@@ -1100,8 +1100,8 @@ See variable `compilation-parse-errors-function' for the interface it uses."
(cons (list subexpr
(+ subexpr (nth 1 (car alist)))
(+ subexpr (nth 2 (car alist)))
(and (nth 2 (car alist))
(+ subexpr (nth 2 (car alist)))))
(and (nth 3 (car alist))
(+ subexpr (nth 3 (car alist)))))
(setq subexpr (+ subexpr 1 (count-regexp-groupings (car (car alist)))))
(setq alist (cdr alist)))
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