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Describe a possible problem with djecho.exe in old

versions of DJGPP v2.x.
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......@@ -681,6 +681,16 @@ Emacs, chdir to that directory and type these commands:
config msdos
make install
Running "config msdos" checks for several programs that are required
to configure and build Emacs; if one of those programs is not found,
CONFIG.BAT stops and prints an error message. If you have DJGPP
version 2.0 or 2.01, it will complain about a program called
DJECHO.EXE. These old versions of DJGPP shipped that program under
the name ECHO.EXE, so you can simply copy ECHO.EXE to DJECHO.EXE and
rerun CONFIG.BAT. If you have neither ECHO.EXE nor DJECHO.EXE, you
should be able to find them in your archive (where NNN is
the DJGPP version number).
To install the international fonts, chdir to the intlfonts-X.Y
directory created when you unpacked the intlfonts distribution (X.Y is
the version number of the fonts' distribution), and type the following
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