Commit 845fe94e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(read_char): Use unsigned to compare against

the size of Vkeyboard_translate_table.
Check size for char-table too.
parent 27f94c9b
......@@ -2096,11 +2096,12 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
return c;
if (STRINGP (Vkeyboard_translate_table)
&& XSTRING (Vkeyboard_translate_table)->size > XFASTINT (c))
&& XSTRING (Vkeyboard_translate_table)->size > (unsigned) XFASTINT (c))
XSETINT (c, XSTRING (Vkeyboard_translate_table)->data[XFASTINT (c)]);
else if ((VECTORP (Vkeyboard_translate_table)
&& XVECTOR (Vkeyboard_translate_table)->size > XFASTINT (c))
|| CHAR_TABLE_P (Vkeyboard_translate_table))
&& XVECTOR (Vkeyboard_translate_table)->size > (unsigned) XFASTINT (c))
|| (CHAR_TABLE_P (Vkeyboard_translate_table)
Lisp_Object d;
d = Faref (Vkeyboard_translate_table, c);
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