Commit 846d69ac authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(ARRAY_MARK_FLAG): Define here.

parent e3515d10
......@@ -257,8 +257,32 @@ Lisp_Object;
#define VALMASK ((1<<VALBITS) - 1)
#define GCTYPEMASK ((1<<GCTYPEBITS) - 1)
/* Two flags that are set during GC. On some machines, these flags
are defined differently by the m- file. */
/* This is set in the car of a cons and in the plist slot of a symbol
to indicate it is marked. Likewise in the plist slot of an interval,
the chain slot of a marker, the type slot of a float, and the name
slot of a buffer.
In strings, this bit in the size field indicates that the string
is a "large" one, one which was separately malloc'd
rather than being part of a string block. */
/* In the size word of a vector, this bit means the vector has been marked.
In the size word of a large string, likewise. */
#endif /* no ARRAY_MARK_FLAG */
you lose
#endif /* NO_UNION_TYPE */
/* These macros extract various sorts of values from a Lisp_Object.
......@@ -1175,6 +1199,9 @@ extern Lisp_Object Qautoload, Qexit, Qinteractive, Qcommandp, Qdefun, Qmacro;
extern Lisp_Object Vinhibit_quit, Qinhibit_quit, Vquit_flag;
extern Lisp_Object Vmocklisp_arguments, Qmocklisp, Qmocklisp_arguments;
extern Lisp_Object Vautoload_queue;
/* To run a normal hook, do
if (!NILP (Vrun_hooks))
call1 (Vrun_hooks, Qmy_funny_hook); */
extern Lisp_Object Vrun_hooks;
extern Lisp_Object Fand (), For (), Fif (), Fprogn (), Fprog1 (), Fprog2 ();
extern Lisp_Object Fsetq (), Fquote ();
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