Commit 8481e41e authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Update as per suggestions by Shayne Steele <>.

parent e29b94be
......@@ -15,7 +15,8 @@
later and nmake, or a Windows port of GCC 2.95 or later with Mingw
and W32 API support and a port of GNU make. You can use the Cygwin
ports of GCC, but Emacs requires the Mingw headers and libraries to
build (latest versions of the Cygwin toolkit, at least since v1.3.3,
include the MinGW headers and libraries as an integral part).
If you build Emacs on Windows 9X or ME, not on Windows 2000 or
Windows NT, we suggest to install the Cygwin port of Bash.
......@@ -34,8 +35,8 @@
MSVC compiled gmake 3.79.1: okay okay
mingw32/gcc-2.92.2 make (3.77): okay okay[4]
cygwin compiled gmake 3.77: okay[1] fails[2]
cygwin compiled gmake 3.78.1: okay fails[2]
cygwin compiled gmake 3.79.1: couldn't build make[3]
cygwin compiled make 3.78.1: okay fails[2]
cygwin compiled make 3.79.1: couldn't build make[3]
......@@ -119,12 +120,15 @@
build without sh.exe. (Some versions of Windows shells are too dumb
for Makefile's used by Emacs.)
If you are using a recent Cygwin build of GCC, such as Cygwin version
If you are using certain Cygwin builds of GCC, such as Cygwin version
1.1.8, you may need to specify some extra compiler flags like so:
configure --with-gcc --cflags -mwin32 --cflags -D__MSVCRT__
--ldflags -mwin32
However, the latest Cygwin versions, such as 1.3.3, don't need those
switches; you can simply use "configure --with-gcc".
We will attempt to auto-detect the need for these flags in a future
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