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* etc/NEWS: Minor edit

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......@@ -1192,13 +1192,12 @@ as a function to call to provide default values.
The default `crm-separator' has been changed to allow surrounding spaces
around the comma.
*** The `common-substring' argument of `display-completion-list',
which has been documented as obsolete since Emacs 23.1, is now _really_
obsolete, and no longer advertised. Instead use either
`completion-all-completions', which returns highlighted strings (including
for partial or substring completion), or call `completion-hilit-commonality'
to add the highlight.
obsolete, and no longer advertised. Instead either call
`completion-hilit-commonality' to add the highlighting; or use
`completion-all-completions', which returns highlighted strings.
*** New function `completion-table-with-cache' is a wrapper for
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