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(Remember): Texinfo usage fix.

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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
@dircategory Emacs
* Org Mode: (org). Outline-based notes management and organizer
* Org Mode: (org). Outline-based notes management and organizer
@end direntry
@c Version and Contact Info
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ MY PROJECTS -*- mode: org; -*-
@noindent which will select Org-mode for this buffer no matter what
the file's name is. See also the variable
@node Feedback, , Installation and Activation, Introduction
@section Feedback
......@@ -710,7 +710,7 @@ above.
@kindex C-c ?
@item C-c ?
Which table column is the cursor in? Displays number >0 in echo
@cindex region, active
@cindex active region
......@@ -721,8 +721,8 @@ Sum the numbers in the current column, or in the rectangle defined by
the active region. The result is displayed in the echo area and can
be inserted with @kbd{C-y}.
@kindex S-@key{RET}
@item S-@key{RET}
@kindex S-@key{RET}
@item S-@key{RET}
When current field is empty, copy from first non-empty field above.
When not empty, copy current field down to next row and move cursor
along with it. Depending on the variable
......@@ -954,7 +954,7 @@ cycling (@key{TAB}) to find a better place. Pressing @key{RET} or
@item on headline @tab @key{RET} @tab as sublevel of the heading at cursor
@item @tab @key{left} @tab as same level, before current heading
@item @tab @key{right} @tab as same level, after current heading
@item not on headline @tab @key{RET}
@item not on headline @tab @key{RET}
@tab at cursor position, level taken from context.
Or use prefix arg to specify level manually.
@end multitable
......@@ -969,8 +969,8 @@ Before inserting the text into a tree, the function ensures that the
text has a headline, i.e. a first line that starts with a @samp{*}.
If not, a headline is constructed from the current date and some
additional data. If the variable @code{org-adapt-indentation} is
non-nil, the entire text is also indented so that it starts in the
same column as the headline (after the asterisks).
non-@code{nil}, the entire text is also indented so that it starts in
the same column as the headline (after the asterisks).
@node TODO items, Timestamps, Hyperlinks, Top
@chapter TODO items
......@@ -1125,7 +1125,7 @@ in the line to make the changes known to Org-mode@footnote{Org-mode
parses these lines only when Org-mode is activated after visiting a
file. @kbd{C-c C-c} with the cursor in a line starting with @samp{#-}
is simply restarting Org-mode, making sure that these changes will be
If you want to use very many keywords, for example when working with a
large group of people, you may split the names over several lines:
......@@ -1578,7 +1578,7 @@ Previous line (same as @key{down}).
@kindex mouse-3
@kindex @key{SPC}
@item mouse-3
@itemx @key{SPC}
@itemx @key{SPC}
Display the original location of the item in another window.
@kindex l
......@@ -1680,7 +1680,7 @@ Change the time stamp associated with the current line by one day into
the future. With prefix argument, change it by that many days. For
example, @kbd{3 6 5 S-@key{right}} will change it by a year. The
stamp is changed in the original org file, but the change is not
directly reflected in the agenda buffer. Use the
directly reflected in the agenda buffer. Use the
@kbd{r} key to update the buffer.
@kindex S-@key{left}
......@@ -1859,16 +1859,16 @@ creates only top level headlines and does the rest as items.
@cindex active region
@cindex transient-mark-mode
@table @kbd
@kindex C-c C-x a
@kindex C-c C-x a
@item C-c C-x a
Export as ASCII file. If there is an active region, only the region
will be exported. For an org file @file{}, the ASCII file
will be @file{myfile.txt}. The file will be overwritten without
@kindex C-c C-x h
@kindex C-c C-x h
@item C-c C-x h
Export as HTML file @file{myfile.html}.
@kindex C-c C-x C-h
@kindex C-c C-x C-h
@item C-c C-x C-h
Export as HTML file and open it with a browser.
@kindex C-c C-x t
......@@ -1914,7 +1914,7 @@ horizontal separator line will be formatted as table header fields.
@cindex fixed width
Lines starting with @samp{:} are typeset in a fixed-width font, to
allow quoting of computer code etc.
allow quoting of computer code etc.
@cindex HTML tags
......@@ -1936,7 +1936,7 @@ additional information. These lines may be put anywhere in the file.
The whole set of lines can be inserted into the buffer with @kbd{C-c
C-x t}. For individual lines, a good way to make sure the keyword is
correct it to type @samp{#+} and then use @kbd{M-@key{TAB}} completion
#+TITLE: the title to be shown (default is the buffer name)
......@@ -2162,7 +2162,7 @@ S-RET -> C-S-RET
@end example
Yes, these are unfortunately more difficult to remember. If you want
to have other replacement keys, look at the variable
@end table
......@@ -2174,30 +2174,30 @@ Here is a list of things which should work differently, but which I
have found too hard to fix.
@itemize @bullet
If you call @code{fill-paragraph} (bound to @kbd{M-q}) in a table, the
filling is correctly disabled. However, if some text directly
(without an empty line in between) preceeds or follws a table, calling
@code{fill-paragraph} in that text will also fill the table like
normal text. Also, @code{fill-region} does bypass the
@code{fill-paragraph} code and will fill tables like normal text.
When the application called by @kbd{C-c C-o} to open a file link fails
(for example because the application does not exits or refuses to open
the file), it does so silently. No error message is displayed.
Under XEmacs, if Org-mode entries are included into the diary, it is
not possible to jump back from the diary to the org file. Apparently,
the text properties are lost when the fancy-diary-display is used.
However, from Org-mode's timeline and agenda buffers (created with
@kbd{C-c C-r} and @kbd{C-c a}), things do work correctly.
Linux should also have a default viewer application, using mailcap.
Maybe we can use GNUS or VM mime code? Or dired's guessing commands?
Any hints (or even patches) are appreciated.
When you write @samp{x = a /b/ c}, b will be exported in italics.
The exporters work well, but could be made more efficient.
@end itemize
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