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......@@ -18,9 +18,8 @@ listed here fail.
* The LCD archive
There is a large collection of Emacs Lisp code available for FTP at and various mirrors. Unfortunately its
maintenance is currently very slow. A project to replace it is
underway; see <URL:>.
<URL:> and various mirrors. At this time,
serious maintenance is resuming after a long hiatus.
To get started using this archive, do:
......@@ -41,8 +40,12 @@ The lispdir.el package will help you search for useful packages in the
LCD-datafile, which is a list of the archive constants. It will even
fetch them for you on command.
* A project previously meant to replace the LCD is at
<URL:> but also seems to have maintenance
problems at present.
* The `Emacs Lisp List' at
<URL:> has pointers
<URL:> has pointers
to sources of a large number of packages.
* gnu.emacs.sources
......@@ -55,7 +58,7 @@ engine) or retrievable from general Usenet archive services.
You might find bug-fixes or enhancements in these places.
* Ada: <URL:>
* Ada: <URL:>
* Autorevert, CWarn and Follow:
......@@ -73,12 +76,14 @@ You might find bug-fixes or enhancements in these places.
* CPerl: <URL:>
* Ediff and Viper: <URL:>
* Ediff and Viper: <URL:>
* Eldoc, Rlogin and Rsz-mini:
* Eldoc and Rlogin:
* EUDC: <URL:>
* EShell: <URL:>
* EUDC: <URL:>
* Expand: <URL:>
......@@ -89,10 +94,9 @@ You might find bug-fixes or enhancements in these places.
* Flyspell: <URL:>
* Fortune: <URL:>
* Fortune: <URL:>
* Gnus home page: <URL:>
Native MIME support is in development at the time of writing.
* Gnus: <URL:>
* Ffap: <URL:>
(And some addons for it.)
......@@ -107,7 +111,7 @@ You might find bug-fixes or enhancements in these places.
* PS mode: <URL:>
* PS mode: <URL:>
* PS-print: <URL:>
......@@ -132,8 +136,8 @@ You might find bug-fixes or enhancements in these places.
* Scheme: <URL:>
* LaTeX: <URL:
latex2e.texi> (or CTAN mirrors)
* Perl: <URL:
texinfo/perl5/> (or CPAN mirrors)
* Perl: <URL:> (or
CPAN mirrors)
* Packages and add-ons not bundled with Emacs
......@@ -142,15 +146,21 @@ Emacs for various reasons, sometimes because their authors haven't made
a copyright assignment to the FSF. Some of them may be integrated in
the future.
You might like to check whether they are packaged for your system.
Several are for Debian GNU/Linux in particular.
* AUCTeX: fancy (La)TeX support: <URL:>
There's an AUCTeX mail list/newsgroup:
* BBDB: personal Info Rolodex integrated with mail/news:
[You might want to set the coding system of your .bbdb file to
emacs-mule, say by adding `("\\.bbdb\\'" . emacs-mule)' to
`file-coding-system-alist' for non-ASCII characters.]
* Calc: computer algebra and numerical calculations:
From GNU distribution mirrors.
* CJK-emacs: Converting MULE-encoded text to TeX:
......@@ -172,7 +182,8 @@ the future.
Version 1.16 is said not to work properly with Emacs 20.
* Elib library: <URL:>
From GNU distribution mirrors.
From GNU distribution mirrors. (Much of this functionality is now
in Emacs.)
* Emacspeak -- A Speech Output Subsystem For Emacs:
......@@ -196,22 +207,21 @@ the future.
process running some form of Lisp.
* JDE: <URL:>
Wrapper around Java development tools.
Provides a Java-specific `Integrated Development Environment'.
* MULE-UCS: Universal enCoding System:
* Mule-UCS: Universal enCoding System:
Extended coding systems for MULE, specifically for reading and
Extended coding systems for Mule, specifically for reading and
writing UTF-8 encoded Unicode.
An alternative system for using UTF-8 is at
<URL:>. This includes an
<URL:>. This includes an
external program for (partial) inter-conversion of UTF-8.
* Mailcrypt:
PGP and GPG support. PGP isn't free software, but GPG, the GNU
Privacy Guard, is under development as a free replacement
Privacy Guard, is a free replacement <URL:>.
* Pointers to MIME packages:
......@@ -235,11 +245,6 @@ the future.
<URL:news://> and a W3 development mail
list/newsgroup <URL:news://>.
* Unpacked Emacs sources
An unpacked current source tree may be available from
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