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gnus.texi (Asynchronous Fetching): Document gnus-async-post-fetch-function;...

gnus.texi (Asynchronous Fetching): Document gnus-async-post-fetch-function; gnus.texi (HTML): Made into its own section by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>.

2010-08-29  Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen  <>
 * gnus.texi (Asynchronous Fetching): Document
 (HTML): Made into its own section.
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2010-08-29 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* gnus.texi (Asynchronous Fetching): Document
(HTML): Made into its own section.
2010-08-26 Michael Albinus <>
Sync with Tramp 2.1.19.
......@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@ variable will cause @samp{text/html} parts to be treated as attachments.
@item mm-text-html-renderer
@vindex mm-text-html-renderer
This selects the function used to render @acronym{HTML}. The predefined
renderers are selected by the symbols @code{w3},
renderers are selected by the symbols @code{gnus-article-html}, @code{w3},
@code{w3m}@footnote{See @uref{} for more
information about emacs-w3m}, @code{links}, @code{lynx},
@code{w3m-standalone} or @code{html2text}. If @code{nil} use an
......@@ -6043,6 +6043,11 @@ threads.
This variable can also be a number. In that case, center the window at
the given number of lines from the top.
@item gnus-summary-stop-at-end-of-message
@vindex gnus-summary-stop-at-end-of-message
If non-@code{nil}, don't go to the next article when hitting
@kbd{SPC}, and you're at the end of the article.
@end table
......@@ -8271,6 +8276,16 @@ These functions will be called many, many times, so they should
preferably be short and sweet to avoid slowing down Gnus too much.
It's probably a good idea to byte-compile things like this.
@vindex gnus-async-post-fetch-function
@findex gnus-html-prefetch-images
After an article has been prefetched, this
@code{gnus-async-post-fetch-function} will be called. The buffer will
be narrowed to the region of the article that was fetched. A useful
value would be @code{gnus-html-prefetch-images}, which will prefetch
and store images referenced in the article, so that you don't have to
wait for them to be fetched when you read the article. This is useful
for @acronym{HTML} messages that have external images.
@vindex gnus-prefetched-article-deletion-strategy
Articles have to be removed from the asynch buffer sooner or later. The
@code{gnus-prefetched-article-deletion-strategy} says when to remove
......@@ -12186,6 +12201,7 @@ tell Gnus otherwise.
* Hiding Headers:: Deciding what headers should be displayed.
* Using MIME:: Pushing articles through @acronym{MIME} before reading them.
* HTML:: Reading @acronym{HTML} messages.
* Customizing Articles:: Tailoring the look of the articles.
* Article Keymap:: Keystrokes available in the article buffer.
* Misc Article:: Other stuff.
......@@ -12482,6 +12498,48 @@ Any similarity to real events and people is purely coincidental. Ahem.
Also @pxref{MIME Commands}.
@node HTML
@section @acronym{HTML}
@cindex @acronym{HTML}
If you have @code{w3m} installed on your system, Gnus can display
@acronym{HTML} articles in the article buffer. There are many Gnus
add-ons for doing this, using various approaches, but there's one
(sort of) built-in method that's used by default.
For a complete overview, consult @xref{Display Customization,
,Display Customization, emacs-mime, The Emacs MIME Manual}. This
section only describes the default method.
@table @code
@item mm-text-html-renderer
@vindex mm-text-html-renderer
If set to @code{gnus-article-html}, Gnus will use the built-in method,
that's based on @code{curl} and @code{w3m}.
@item gnus-html-cache-directory
@vindex gnus-html-cache-directory
Gnus will download and cache images according to how
@code{mm-w3m-safe-url-regexp} is set. These images will be stored in
this directory.
@item gnus-html-cache-size
@vindex gnus-html-cache-size
When @code{gnus-html-cache-size} bytes have been used in that
directory, the oldest files will be deleted. The default is 500MB.
@item gnus-html-frame-width
@vindex gnus-html-frame-width
The width to use when rendering HTML. The default is 70.
@end table
To use this, make sure that you have @code{w3m} and @code{curl}
installed. If you have, then Gnus should display @acronym{HTML}
@node Customizing Articles
@section Customizing Articles
@cindex article customization
......@@ -1645,7 +1645,8 @@ the problem will actually occur.
@cindex split large message
The limitation of messages sent as message/partial. The lower bound
of message size in characters, beyond which the message should be sent
in several parts. If it is @code{nil}, the size is unlimited.
in several parts. If it is @code{nil} (which is the default), the
size is unlimited.
@end table
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