Commit 85121e03 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Allow completion on dynamic module files in load-library

* lisp/files.el (load-library): Bind completion-ignored-extensions
to nil, to allow completion on dynamic modules typed as file
names.  Reported by Andy Moreton <>.
parent 7233767e
......@@ -1023,10 +1023,11 @@ well as `load-file-rep-suffixes').
See Info node `(emacs)Lisp Libraries' for more details.
See `load-file' for a different interface to `load'."
(list (completing-read "Load library: "
(apply-partially 'locate-file-completion-table
(let (completion-ignored-extensions)
(list (completing-read "Load library: "
(apply-partially 'locate-file-completion-table
(load library))
(defun file-remote-p (file &optional identification connected)
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