Commit 851971c7 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(diary-live-p): Do not check for diary-selective-display.

parent 7465af60
......@@ -292,16 +292,22 @@ Only used if `diary-header-line-flag' is non-nil."
(defvar diary-saved-point) ; internal
;; The first version of this also checked for diary-selective-display
;; in the non-fancy case. This was an attempt to distinguish between
;; displaying the diary and just visiting the diary file. However,
;; when using fancy diary, calling diary when there are no entries to
;; display does not create the fancy buffer, nor does it switch on
;; selective-display in the diary buffer. This means some
;; customizations will not take effect, eg:
;; So the check for selective-display was dropped. This means the
;; diary will be displayed if one customizes a diary variable while
;; just visiting the diary-file. This is i) unlikely, and ii) no great loss.
(defun diary-live-p ()
"Return non-nil if the diary is being displayed.
This is not the same as just visiting the `diary-file'."
"Return non-nil if the diary is being displayed."
(or (get-buffer fancy-diary-buffer)
(when diary-file
(let ((dbuff (find-buffer-visiting
(substitute-in-file-name diary-file))))
(when dbuff
(with-current-buffer dbuff
(and diary-file
(find-buffer-visiting (substitute-in-file-name diary-file)))))
(defun diary-set-maybe-redraw (symbol value)
"Set SYMBOL's value to VALUE, and redraw the diary if necessary.
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