Commit 8541c924 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(ad-make-advised-definition): Construct

advice for subrs differently.
parent 3fe35f35
......@@ -3089,20 +3089,20 @@ Example: `(ad-map-arglists '(a &rest args) '(w x y z))' will return
;; expansion time and return the result. The moral of that
;; is that one should always deactivate advised special
;; forms before one byte-compiles a file.
(` ((, (if orig-macro-p
(cons '(, origname)
(, (ad-get-arguments advised-arglist 0))))))
`(,(if orig-macro-p 'macroexpand 'eval)
(cons ',origname
,(ad-get-arguments advised-arglist 0))))
((and orig-subr-p
(not interactive-form)
(not advised-interactive-form))
;; Check whether we were called interactively
;; in order to do proper prompting:
(` (if (interactive-p)
(call-interactively '(, origname))
(, (ad-make-mapped-call
orig-arglist advised-arglist origname)))))
`(if (interactive-p)
(call-interactively ',origname)
,(ad-make-mapped-call orig-arglist
;; And now for normal functions and non-interactive subrs
;; (or subrs whose interactive behavior was advised):
(t (ad-make-mapped-call
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