Commit 857686a6 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

Some comment, doc and bug fixes.

(ps-print-version): New version number (3.05.3) and doc fix.
(ps-output-string-prim, ps-begin-job, ps-control-character)
(ps-plot-region): Bug fix.
(ps-print-control-characters): New custom var.
(ps-string-escape-codes, ps-string-control-codes): New var.
(ps-color-device, ps-font-lock-face-attributes, ps-eval-switch)
(ps-flatten-list, ps-flatten-list-1): New fn.
(ps-setup): Update current setup.
(ps-begin-file): Adjust PostScript header file.
(ps-plot, ps-face-attribute-list): Little programming improvement.
(ps-print-prologue-1): Replace NumberOfZebra by ZebraHeight.
(ps-print-without-faces, ps-print-with-faces): Little reprogramming.
(ps-plot-with-face): Get color only on color screen device.
(ps-build-reference-face-lists): Handle obsolete
(ps-print-ensure-fontified): Little programming setting.
(ps-generate-postscript-with-faces): Adjust initializations, get color
only on color screen device.
(ps-generate): Replace (if A B) by (and A B).
(ps-do-despool): Dynamic evaluation for ps-lpr-switches,
Replace (if A B) by (and A B).
(color-instance-rgb-components, ps-color-values): Replace
pixel-components by color-instance-rgb-components.
(ps-xemacs-face-kind-p): Replace face-font by face-font-instance,
replace x-font-properties by font-instance-properties.
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