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(Regular Expressions): Document re-builder.

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......@@ -167,6 +167,16 @@ denotes a (possibly infinite) set of strings. Searching for matches for
a regexp is a very powerful operation. This section explains how to write
regexps; the following section says how to search for them.
@findex re-builder
@cindex authoring regular expressions
For convenient interactive development of regular expressions, you
can use the @kbd{M-x re-builder} command. It provides a convenient
interface for creating regular expressions, by giving immediate visual
feedback in a separate buffer. As you edit the regexp, all its
matches in the target buffer are highlighted. Each parenthesized
sub-expression of the regexp is shown in a distinct face, which makes
it easier to verify even very complex regexps.
* Syntax of Regexps:: Rules for writing regular expressions.
* Regexp Example:: Illustrates regular expression syntax.
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