Commit 85bc5181 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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Clear the eighth bit of the character from the key sequence, NOT the

index of the character IN the key sequence.  How many tries will it
take to get it right?
parent 73a73a38
......@@ -2726,11 +2726,11 @@ read_key_sequence (keybuf, bufsize, prompt)
fkey_next =
get_keyelt (access_keymap
(fkey_next, keybuf[(fkey_end++) & 0x7f]));
(fkey_next, keybuf[fkey_end++] & 0x7f));
/* If keybuf[fkey_start..fkey_next] is bound in the
/* If keybuf[fkey_start..fkey_end] is bound in the
function key map and it's a suffix of the current
sequence (i.e. fkey_next == t), replace it with
sequence (i.e. fkey_end == t), replace it with
the binding and restart with fkey_start at the end. */
if (XTYPE (fkey_next) == Lisp_Vector
&& fkey_end == t)
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