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*** empty log message ***

parent ada464a7
......@@ -881,13 +881,22 @@ static const char *re_error_msg[] =
using the relocating allocator routines, then malloc could cause a
relocation, which might (if the strings being searched are in the
ralloc heap) shift the data out from underneath the regexp
routines. */
Here's another reason to avoid allocation: Emacs insists on
processing input from X in a signal handler; processing X input may
call malloc; if input arrives while a matching routine is calling
malloc, then we're scrod. But Emacs can't just block input while
calling matching routines; then we don't notice interrupts when
they come in. So, Emacs blocks input around all regexp calls
except the matching calls, which it leaves unprotected, in the
faith that they will not malloc. */
/* Normally, this is fine. */
/* But under some circumstances, it's not. */
#if defined (REL_ALLOC) && defined (C_ALLOCA)
#if defined (emacs) || (defined (REL_ALLOC) && defined (C_ALLOCA))
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