Commit 861d9ef6 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(describe-categories, help-describe-category-set): New.

parent 1d475b5e
......@@ -452,6 +452,37 @@ BUFFER defaults to the current buffer."
(insert "\nThe parent syntax table is:")
(describe-vector table 'internal-describe-syntax-value))))))
(defun help-describe-category-set (value)
(insert (cond
((null value) "default")
((char-table-p value) "deeper char-table ...")
(t (condition-case err
(category-set-mnemonics value)
(error "invalid"))))))
(defun describe-categories (&optional buffer)
"Describe the category specifications in the current category table.
The descriptions are inserted in a buffer, which is then displayed."
(setq buffer (or buffer (current-buffer)))
(help-setup-xref (list #'describe-categories buffer) (interactive-p))
(with-output-to-temp-buffer (help-buffer)
(let ((table (with-current-buffer buffer (category-table))))
(with-current-buffer standard-output
(describe-vector table 'help-describe-category-set)
(let ((docs (char-table-extra-slot table 0)))
(if (or (not (vectorp docs)) (/= (length docs) 95))
(insert "Invalid first extra slot in this char table\n")
(insert "Meanings of mnemonic characters are:\n")
(dotimes (i 95)
(let ((elt (aref docs i)))
(when elt
(insert (+ i ?\ ) ": " elt "\n"))))
(while (setq table (char-table-parent table))
(insert "\nThe parent category table is:")
(describe-vector table 'help-describe-category-set))))))))
(provide 'help-fns)
;;; help-fns.el ends here
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