Commit 86571ae0 authored by Daniel Colascione's avatar Daniel Colascione

Prevent crash if w32 used before it's initialized

parent 0a850e9a
2012-09-01 Daniel Colascione <>
* w32fns.c (x_display_info_for_name): Prevent crash if w32 window
system used too early.
2012-09-01 Paul Eggert <>
Better seed support for (random).
......@@ -4735,7 +4735,7 @@ x_display_info_for_name (Lisp_Object name)
for (dpyinfo = &one_w32_display_info, names = w32_display_name_list;
dpyinfo && !NILP (w32_display_name_list);
dpyinfo = dpyinfo->next, names = XCDR (names))
Lisp_Object tem;
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