Commit 86677b58 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(focus-follows-mouse): Mention mouse-autoselect-window.

parent 65235b0a
2009-11-24 Glenn Morris <>
* frame.c (focus-follows-mouse): Mention mouse-autoselect-window.
2009-11-23 Jan Djärv <>
* Must create deps for ecrt0.o in its rule.
......@@ -4642,7 +4642,7 @@ This variable is local to the current terminal and cannot be buffer-local. */);
doc: /* Non-nil if window system changes focus when you move the mouse.
You should set this variable to tell Emacs how your window manager
handles focus, since there is no way in general for Emacs to find out
automatically. */);
automatically. See also `mouse-autoselect-window'. */);
#if defined(HAVE_NTGUI) || defined(HAVE_NS)
focus_follows_mouse = 0;
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