Commit 868904eb authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(acons, pairlis): Add docstring.

parent 3efc2cd7
......@@ -565,8 +565,17 @@ Return a copy of TREE with all elements `eql' to OLD replaced by NEW.
cl-tree (cons a d))))
(t cl-tree)))
(defun acons (a b c) (cons (cons a b) c))
(defun pairlis (a b &optional c) (nconc (mapcar* 'cons a b) c))
(defun acons (key value alist)
"Add KEY and VALUE to ALIST.
Return a new list with (cons KEY VALUE) as car and ALIST as cdr."
(cons (cons key value) alist))
(defun pairlis (keys values &optional alist)
"Make an alist from KEYS and VALUES.
Return a new alist composed by associating KEYS to corresponding VALUES;
the process stops as soon as KEYS or VALUES run out.
If ALIST is non-nil, the new pairs are prepended to it."
(nconc (mapcar* 'cons keys values) alist))
;;; Miscellaneous.
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