Commit 86957a0c authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/minibuffer.el (completion--sifn-requote): Rewrite to handle things

like Tramp's "/foo:~bar//baz" -> "/scpc:foo:/baz" mapping.

Fixes: debbugs:11714
parent 640bf8ad
2012-10-28 Stefan Monnier <>
* minibuffer.el (completion--sifn-requote): Rewrite to handle things
like Tramp's "/foo:~bar//baz" -> "/scpc:foo:/baz" mapping (bug#11714).
* tmm.el (tmm-prompt): Use map-keymap (bug#12744).
2012-10-27 Eli Zaretskii <>
......@@ -378,6 +378,8 @@ Note: TABLE needs to be a proper completion table which obeys predicates."
;; that `concat' and `unquote' commute (which tends to be the case).
;; And we ask `requote' to do the work of mapping from unquoted positions
;; back to quoted positions.
;; FIXME: For some forms of "quoting" such as the truncation behavior of
;; substitute-in-file-name, it would be desirable not to requote completely.
"Return a new completion table operating on quoted text.
TABLE operates on the unquoted text.
UNQUOTE is a function that takes a string and returns a new unquoted string.
......@@ -2161,53 +2163,49 @@ same as `substitute-in-file-name'."
"use the regular PRED argument" "23.2")
(defun completion--sifn-requote (upos qstr)
;; We're looking for `qupos' such that:
;; We're looking for `qpos' such that:
;; (equal (substring (substitute-in-file-name qstr) 0 upos)
;; (substitute-in-file-name (substring qstr 0 qupos)))
;; (substitute-in-file-name (substring qstr 0 qpos)))
;; Big problem here: we have to reverse engineer substitute-in-file-name to
;; find the position corresponding to UPOS in QSTR, but
;; substitute-in-file-name can do anything, depending on file-name-handlers.
;; substitute-in-file-name does the following kind of things:
;; - expand env-var references.
;; - turn backslashes into slashes.
;; - truncate some prefix of the input.
;; - rewrite some prefix.
;; Some of these operations are written in external libraries and we'd rather
;; not hard code any assumptions here about what they actually do. IOW, we
;; want to treat substitute-in-file-name as a black box, as much as possible.
;; Kind of like in rfn-eshadow-update-overlay, only worse.
;; FIXME: example of thing we do not handle: Tramp's makes
;; (substitute-in-file-name "/foo:~/bar//baz") -> "/scpc:foo:/baz".
;; FIXME: One way to try and handle "all" cases is to require
;; substitute-in-file-name to preserve text-properties, so we could
;; apply text-properties to the input string and then look for them in
;; the output to understand what comes from where.
(let ((qpos 0))
;; Handle substitute-in-file-name's truncation behavior.
(let (tpos)
(while (and (string-match "[\\/][~/\\]" qstr qpos)
;; Hopefully our regexp covers all truncation cases.
;; Also let's make sure sifn indeed truncates here.
;; Example of things we need to handle:
;; - Tramp (substitute-in-file-name "/foo:~/bar//baz") => "/scpc:foo:/baz".
;; - Cygwin (substitute-in-file-name "C:\bin") => "/usr/bin"
;; (substitute-in-file-name "C:\") => "/"
;; (substitute-in-file-name "C:\bi") => "/bi"
(let* ((ustr (substitute-in-file-name qstr))
(uprefix (substring ustr 0 upos))
;; Main assumption: nothing after qpos should affect the text before upos,
;; so we can work our way backward from the end of qstr, one character
;; at a time.
;; Second assumptions: If qpos is far from the end this can be a bit slow,
;; so we speed it up by doing a first loop that skips a word at a time.
;; This word-sized loop is careful not to cut in the middle of env-vars.
(while (let ((boundary (string-match "\\(\\$+{?\\)?\\w+\\W*\\'" qstr)))
(and boundary
(setq tpos (1+ (match-beginning 0)))
(equal (substitute-in-file-name qstr)
(substitute-in-file-name (substring qstr tpos)))))
(setq qpos tpos)))
;; `upos' is relative to the position corresponding to `qpos' in
;; (substitute-in-file-name qstr), so as qpos moves forward, upos
;; gets smaller.
(while (and (> upos 0)
(string-match "\\$\\(\\$\\|\\([[:alnum:]_]+\\|{[^}]*}\\)\\)?"
qstr qpos))
((>= (- (match-beginning 0) qpos) upos) ; UPOS is before current match.
(setq qpos (+ qpos upos))
(setq upos 0))
((not (match-end 1)) ;A sole $: probably an error.
(setq upos (- upos (- (match-end 0) qpos)))
(setq qpos (match-end 0)))
(setq upos (- upos (- (match-beginning 0) qpos)))
(setq qpos (match-end 0))
(setq upos (- upos (length (substitute-in-file-name
(match-string 0 qstr))))))))
;; If `upos' is negative, it's because it's within the expansion of an
;; envvar, i.e. there is no exactly matching qpos, so we just use the next
;; available qpos right after the envvar.
(cons (if (>= upos 0) (+ qpos upos) qpos)
(setq qprefix (substring qstr 0 boundary))
(string-prefix-p uprefix
(substitute-in-file-name qprefix)))))
(setq qstr qprefix))
(let ((qpos (length qstr)))
(while (and (> qpos 0)
(string-prefix-p uprefix
(substring qstr 0 (1- qpos)))))
(setq qpos (1- qpos)))
(cons qpos #'minibuffer--double-dollars))))
(defalias 'completion--file-name-table
(completion-table-with-quoting #'completion-file-name-table
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