Commit 86a7d1db authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-generate-autoloads):

Disable timestamps.
parent 144bb0cf
......@@ -905,12 +905,15 @@ untar into a directory named DIR; otherwise, signal an error."
(defvar generated-autoload-file)
(defvar autoload-timestamps)
(defvar version-control)
(defun package-generate-autoloads (name pkg-dir)
(let* ((auto-name (format "%s-autoloads.el" name))
;;(ignore-name (concat name "-pkg.el"))
(generated-autoload-file (expand-file-name auto-name pkg-dir))
;; We don't need 'em, and this makes the output reproducible.
(autoload-timestamps nil)
;; Silence `autoload-generate-file-autoloads'.
(noninteractive inhibit-message)
(backup-inhibited t)
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