Commit 86b6e910 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Avoid assertion violations in calculating line-number width

* src/indent.c (line_number_display_width): Don't use the
window's start marker if it belongs to a different buffer.
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......@@ -1968,8 +1968,11 @@ line_number_display_width (struct window *w, int *width, int *pixel_width)
outside the accessible region, in which case we widen the
buffer temporarily. It could even be beyond the buffer's end
(Org mode's display of source code snippets is known to cause
that), in which case we just punt and start from point instead. */
if (startpos.charpos > Z)
that) or belong to the wrong buffer, in which cases we just
punt and start from point instead. */
if (startpos.charpos > Z
|| !(BUFFERP (w->contents)
&& XBUFFER (w->contents) == XMARKER (w->start)->buffer))
SET_TEXT_POS (startpos, PT, PT_BYTE);
if (startpos.charpos < BEGV || startpos.charpos > ZV)
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