Commit 86c40970 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/ffap.el (ffap-machine-p): Handle "not known" response.

Fixes: debbugs:14929
parent 198fa217
2013-07-24 Glenn Morris <>
* ffap.el (ffap-machine-p): Handle "not known" response. (Bug#14929)
2013-07-24 Michael Albinus <> 2013-07-24 Michael Albinus <>
* filenotify.el (file-notify-supported-p): * filenotify.el (file-notify-supported-p):
...@@ -459,7 +459,8 @@ Returned values: ...@@ -459,7 +459,8 @@ Returned values:
(let ((mesg (car (cdr error)))) (let ((mesg (car (cdr error))))
(cond (cond
;; v18: ;; v18:
((string-match "^Unknown host" mesg) nil) ((string-match "\\(^Unknown host\\|Name or service not known$\\)"
mesg) nil)
((string-match "not responding$" mesg) mesg) ((string-match "not responding$" mesg) mesg)
;; v19: ;; v19:
;; (file-error "connection failed" "permission denied" ;; (file-error "connection failed" "permission denied"
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