Commit 86d00812 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(openp): Change arg exec_only to predicate.

(build_load_history): Use XCAR/XCDR.
(Flocate_file_internal): New fun.
(syms_of_lread): Defsubr it.
(Fload): Update call to openp.
parent cae578a8
......@@ -694,7 +694,7 @@ Return t if file exists. */)
: Fappend (2, (tmp[0] = Vload_suffixes,
tmp[1] = default_suffixes,
&found, 0);
&found, Qnil);
......@@ -942,6 +942,24 @@ complete_filename_p (pathname)
DEFUN ("locate-file-internal", Flocate_file_internal, Slocate_file_internal, 2, 4, 0,
doc: /* Search for FILENAME through PATH.
If SUFFIXES is non-nil, it should be a list of suffixes to append to
file name when searching.
If non-nil, PREDICATE is used instead of `file-readable-p'.
PREDICATE can also be an integer to pass to the access(2) function,
in which case file-name-handlers are ignored. */)
(filename, path, suffixes, predicate)
Lisp_Object filename, path, suffixes, predicate;
Lisp_Object file;
int fd = openp (path, filename, suffixes, &file, predicate);
if (NILP (predicate) && fd > 0)
close (fd);
return file;
/* Search for a file whose name is STR, looking in directories
in the Lisp list PATH, and trying suffixes from SUFFIX.
On success, returns a file descriptor. On failure, returns -1.
......@@ -949,24 +967,25 @@ complete_filename_p (pathname)
SUFFIXES is a list of strings containing possible suffixes.
The empty suffix is automatically added iff the list is empty.
EXEC_ONLY nonzero means don't open the files,
just look for one that is executable. In this case,
returns 1 on success.
PREDICATE non-nil means don't open the files,
just look for one that satisfies the predicate. In this case,
returns 1 on success. The predicate can be a lisp function or
an integer to pass to `access' (in which case file-name-handlers
are ignored).
If STOREPTR is nonzero, it points to a slot where the name of
the file actually found should be stored as a Lisp string.
nil is stored there on failure.
If the file we find is remote, return -2
but store the found remote file name in *STOREPTR.
We do not check for remote files if EXEC_ONLY is nonzero. */
but store the found remote file name in *STOREPTR. */
openp (path, str, suffixes, storeptr, exec_only)
openp (path, str, suffixes, storeptr, predicate)
Lisp_Object path, str;
Lisp_Object suffixes;
Lisp_Object *storeptr;
int exec_only;
Lisp_Object predicate;
register int fd;
int fn_size = 100;
......@@ -1054,9 +1073,12 @@ openp (path, str, suffixes, storeptr, exec_only)
(load "/bar.el") where the file is actually "/bar.el.gz". */
handler = Ffind_file_name_handler (filename, Qfile_exists_p);
string = build_string (fn);
if (!NILP (handler) && !exec_only)
exists = !NILP (Ffile_readable_p (string));
if ((!NILP (handler) || !NILP (predicate)) && !NATNUMP (predicate))
if (NILP (predicate))
exists = !NILP (Ffile_readable_p (string));
exists = !NILP (call1 (predicate, string));
if (exists && !NILP (Ffile_directory_p (string)))
exists = 0;
......@@ -1080,8 +1102,8 @@ openp (path, str, suffixes, storeptr, exec_only)
if (exists)
/* Check that we can access or open it. */
if (exec_only)
fd = (access (pfn, X_OK) == 0) ? 1 : -1;
if (NATNUMP (predicate))
fd = (access (pfn, XFASTINT (predicate)) == 0) ? 1 : -1;
fd = emacs_open (pfn, O_RDONLY, 0);
......@@ -1123,9 +1145,9 @@ build_load_history (stream, source)
tail = Vload_history;
prev = Qnil;
foundit = 0;
while (!NILP (tail))
while (CONSP (tail))
tem = Fcar (tail);
tem = XCAR (tail);
/* Find the feature's previous assoc list... */
if (!NILP (Fequal (source, Fcar (tem))))
......@@ -1134,11 +1156,11 @@ build_load_history (stream, source)
/* If we're loading, remove it. */
if (loading)
if (NILP (prev))
Vload_history = Fcdr (tail);
Vload_history = XCDR (tail);
Fsetcdr (prev, Fcdr (tail));
Fsetcdr (prev, XCDR (tail));
/* Otherwise, cons on new symbols that are not already members. */
......@@ -1148,20 +1170,20 @@ build_load_history (stream, source)
while (CONSP (tem2))
newelt = Fcar (tem2);
newelt = XCAR (tem2);
if (NILP (Fmemq (newelt, tem)))
Fsetcar (tail, Fcons (Fcar (tem),
Fcons (newelt, Fcdr (tem))));
Fsetcar (tail, Fcons (XCAR (tem),
Fcons (newelt, XCDR (tem))));
tem2 = Fcdr (tem2);
tem2 = XCDR (tem2);
prev = tail;
tail = Fcdr (tail);
tail = XCDR (tail);
......@@ -3594,6 +3616,7 @@ syms_of_lread ()
defsubr (&Sread_event);
defsubr (&Sget_file_char);
defsubr (&Smapatoms);
defsubr (&Slocate_file_internal);
DEFVAR_LISP ("obarray", &Vobarray,
doc: /* Symbol table for use by `intern' and `read'.
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