Commit 86d87d24 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Don't quote lambda in idlwave.el

* lisp/progmodes/idlwave.el (idlwave-keyword-abbrev): Don't quote
parent 966052cb
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......@@ -1355,8 +1355,8 @@ Normally a space.")
(defmacro idlwave-keyword-abbrev (&rest args)
"Creates a function for abbrev hooks to call `idlwave-check-abbrev' with args."
`(quote (lambda ()
,(append '(idlwave-check-abbrev) args))))
`(lambda ()
,(append '(idlwave-check-abbrev) args)))
;; If I take the time I can replace idlwave-keyword-abbrev with
;; idlwave-code-abbrev and remove the quoted abbrev check from
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