Commit 86e3afd3 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(math-read-big-expr): Make LaTeX the default TeX mode.

parent 316fc0cc
......@@ -2947,13 +2947,13 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(setq str (concat (substring str 0 (match-beginning 0))
(substring str (match-end 0)))))
(if (string-match "\\\\[^ \n|]" str)
(if (eq calc-language 'tex)
(if (eq calc-language 'latex)
(math-read-expr str)
(let ((calc-language 'tex)
(let ((calc-language 'latex)
(calc-language-option nil)
(math-expr-opers (get 'tex 'math-oper-table))
(math-expr-function-mapping (get 'tex 'math-function-table))
(math-expr-variable-mapping (get 'tex 'math-variable-table)))
(math-expr-opers (get 'latex 'math-oper-table))
(math-expr-function-mapping (get 'latex 'math-function-table))
(math-expr-variable-mapping (get 'latex 'math-variable-table)))
(math-read-expr str)))
(let ((math-read-big-lines nil)
(pos 0)
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